FUBU Shoes

FUBU Shoes are part of the clothing and apparel collection of the FUBU company. FUBU offers a range of clothing and accessories including active wear, casual wear, eyewear, a suit collection, shoes, and belts. The name FUBU stands for “For Us, By Us.” This implies that the clothing line was created by African-Americans and the target market is also the African-Americans.

The history of FUBU

In 1992, Daymond John started the company with a hat collection that was made in his house in the Queens Area of New York City. To fund the company, John had to mortgage his house for $100,000. With his friends, namely J. Alexander Martin, Carl Brown, and Keith Perrin, half of his house was turned into the first factory of FUBU, while the other half remained as the living quarters. Along with the expansion of FUBU, Samsung, a Korean company, invested in FUBU in 1995.

The goal of FUBU

FUBU shoes and apparel were created for the African-American market. The founders wanted to compete with the larger and more established brands such as Nike. They found out that such companies are using the youth from New York to research on the latest trends, yet very little is returned to the community. For this reason, the founders felt that the African-American youth is being exploited.

Because of the initial goals of FUBU, there was a controversy about not allowing non-African-Americans to wear the apparel. However, in a statement by FUBU, they share that they are not exclusive and would like to target a larger market.

The development of the FUBU collection

Starting from shirts and jerseys, FUBU has expanded its collection to include FUBU shoes for men and women, jeans, active wear, intimate apparel, swim wear, FUBU suits, watches, and even FUBU tuxedos. Some of the items under the FUBU brand are being imported from factories located in other countries.

FUBU also has a Platinum collection with a special line of clothing named after Harlem Globetrotters and Fat Albert. FUBU was able to reach up to $350 million in worldwide annual sales during its peak. The brand has also been recognized for its entrepreneurial innovation.

FUBU has received a couple of Congressional Awards, NAACP Awards, the Christopher Wallace Award, the Pratt Institute Award, and an Online Hip-Hop Award. The brand also received a citation from the Queens Borough President. Go to i want to become an entrepreneur and learn more today. Source: http://shoeshowcase.net/fubu-shoes